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Start your child on a personalised learning Journey towards an international school qualification recognised by the world's best universities and employers. Free your child from forced annual exams that conflict with their personal learning character. The British International GCSE and AS/ A Level exams can be taken at any age, and multiple times, to ensure your child has the best chance to express their potential. The journey starts now - at Primary Level. Register your child for home-schooling in South Africa, and let us support you. With our experience with British curriculum exit exams in South Africa, we are best placed to provide a learning framework for your child that will build the correct foundation for Secondary and Advanced school levels. We will start this journey with you and see you through to the end.


"We offer individual courses aligned with the UK School Curriculum. Following an international curriculum has the advantage of equipping students with a qualification that is recognised by universities and employers worldwide. Getting started with the curriculum at primary level sets students on a pathway to the UK Advanced Level at age 16 years and up. This is internationally recognised as the preferred entry qualification to university.

A levels are of a very high academic standard, allowing students to seamlessly adapt to University level without any bridging courses. The syllabuses develop a deep understanding of subjects and independent thinking skills. We use world leading online education platforms to teach students, ensuring that content is keeping pace with ongoing changes to the curriculum to match University requirements."

Our Flex system enables us to provide support affordably and significantly cheaper than a private school. Traditional learning is driven by teachers, with support from technology. The Flex system is driven by technology, with support from teachers. This means the quality of education is not dependent on the teachers you get, but your child has access to learning content developed by world class teachers. The curriculum is self-paced, and managed by an online learning system, supported by a student management system, so each child follows their own path and pace, with parents and teachers having access to detailed analytics about the child's progress and learning style. Our Primary education system includes content designed by experts in early education to help children develop the competencies they need in the classroom. "Our program combines the most advanced adaptive technology, artificial intelligence, personalized learning, and gamification to make learning stimulating and engaging for young, restless minds." The first primary phase content will typically cover learning from age 6 to 10, though each child will progress independently of the rest of the group. The curriculum includes English, Coding, Math, Science, Early Logic, Vocabulary, Arts and Crafts, Chess, Reading, and Social Studies, with room for additional personalised activities and content. Our Flex system not only supports flexible learning paths, but also a flexible learning space. Children can work at home or at our learning centre as and when they need, without having their studies disrupted. A day in class involves a rotation system - children work on line at their stations for part of the day, next they join desks and learn in groups through playing board games and attempting group challenges, stimulating collaboration and social skills, and finally, they gather around a teacher, who facilitates a group lesson with the assistance of external experts. Too many parents only realise the flexibility and benefits of an affordable international education system when their child is already at a Secondary school level. Give your child a head start and let us help nurture their talents at the earliest stage.